Our story

25 years (1998-2023)


Drawing from the experience of EU countries, whose diversity and similar values constitute the foundation for creating innovative and creative solutions, we are able to better use and develop common scientific, organizational and civilisational achievements to increase the accessibility, efficiency and resilience of healthcare systems.


  • By sharing experiences from many countries struggling with the same healthcare problems, learning to apply global solutions locally and avoid mistakes made by others
  • By improving knowledge and management skills allowing to operate more effectively, combining them with public health, health economics, ICT and other areas
  • By using modern communication technology and know-how that enable effective joint action at a distance
  • By creating lasting personal and organizational relationships, building a lasting bridge between decision makers and those responsible for their implementation


  • European MBA in Healthcare 95% online – for healthcare official and managers – Executive Master of Business Administration Program
  • Study Tours – several days of experience exchange and networking opportunities – meetings on campuses of European universities
  • Research and development – the opportunity to participate in innovative projects within and with the use of EU funds
  • MBA in Healthcare Alumni Continuous Improvement Club – a permanent platform for meetings, improvement, reflection and networking

Collegium Prometricum – European School of Administration and Public Health – The Business School for Healthcare – is a coalition of European business schools, schools of public health, health institutions and organizations, created on the initiative and led by Prometriq Management Academy in Sopot, Poland (established in 1998). The Collegium Prometricum coalition is expanding constantly. 

The purpose of establishing Collegium Prometricum is to create a European platform for the exchange of experience related to the management of medical institutions in the conditions of permanent crises. The direct impulse to establish the Collegium Prometricum was the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, which became a challenge not only for government administration but above all for managers and employees of healthcare entities.  We believe that issues related to pandemic, migration, climate change and other turbulences in healthcare system require a new approach and new spectrum of thinking and acting in the area of healthcare management.

Our vision is to create a leading Central and Eastern European educational institution in the field of healthcare management, cooperating and benefiting from the experience and achievements of the most recognized experts and organizations of the healthcare sector worldwide. 

Our mission is to deliver development programs that help healthcare professionals, institutions and systems be more effective and resistant.

The healthcare sector, struggling with the unsolvable problem of constant growth in demand and limited resources, requires excellent management. New technologies and scientific achievements give hope for overcoming threats and repeated crises. Mutual understanding and trust remain an important success factor. The exchange of experiences and ideas is the cornerstone of European healthcare policy.

Collegium Prometricum offers the opportunity to grow professionally and personally by studying remotely and networking in the real world. We prepare healthcare managers and officials for the challenges of the future by providing them with up-to-date knowledge, developing managerial skills and shaping attitudes of openness to change.

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