Alicja Jaworska

Neumann Executive

Alicja is a Neumann Executive Partner who supports executive search in life science, healthcare and biotechnology. During almost 12 years in the medical industry, Alicja built a strong client and contact base that helped her jump-start her career in the HR and Executive Search.

She was a Head of the Life Science Practice, a global Interim Management Group. Alicja also worked as a Business Manager for a rapidly expanding boutique agency specializing in global healthcare recruitment. Previously 6 years as a Partner and Head of Life Sciences Practice, a founding member of AltoPartners Executive Search & Leadership Consulting global alliance. Today Certificated in Coaching and Mentoring at Cambridge Management and Leadership School/ member of Association for Coaching and Healthcare & Ethic Committee VRARA London. When not reading biographies or watching TED lectures, being a founding member of TED, Alicja enjoys solving puzzles, riddles, and math problems. Alicja has an MA in Psychology from the University of Lodz along with an M.Sc. in Professional Communication and an MBA, both from Clark University, USA. Alicja is also a member of the British Psychological Society and the psychometric testing body MPA, Health Technology Assessment International, the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals and SHEXO Deloitte.

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