European MBA in Healthcare 95% online

European MBA programme for managers, professionals, officials and innovators


  • Enroll today and receive your MBA diploma at the graduation ceremony on June 23, 2024 at the Artus Court in historic Gdańsk! 
  • Take part in an onsite session June 21-25 2023, Gdańsk, Poland, meet other group members!*
  • Take part in one of the study tours (Porto, Cambridge, Bratislava, Sofia), learn more about the specificity of health systems in European countries! ** 
  • Start the introductory semester in May 2023 (group 1) or June 2023 (group 2) and get a certificate confirming your full ability to study in English!*** The purpose of this semester is to meet with lecturers, gain an overview of the main MBA subjects, get reading recommendations, perfect your speaking skills online, and receive an introduction to the functioning of healthcare systems in Europe. 
  • Study the full European MBA in Healthcare programme (500 contact hours) between September 2023 and June 2024 (online sessions every other weekend).
  • Receive your Executive MBA in Healthcare certificate on June 23, 2024 at the international graduation ceremony in Gdańsk!

* The Gdańsk study tour lasts 5 days (June 21-25) and includes lectures, workshops, hospital visits and participation in the ceremonial graduation of previous MBA groups and the European MBA Summit. The Gdańsk study tour can be treated as a separate event or part of the European MBA in Healthcare. In the latter case, the cost of participation will be deducted from the tuition fee.

** The cost of the study tour is taken away from the MBA fee. Each student is entitled to free participation in an onsite session in Gdańsk and one study tour. The costs of the onsite session and study tour will be deducted from the last installment of the tuition fee.

*** The cost of the introductory semester is deducted from the tuition fee. If you are taking a formal exam to prove your ability to study in English, there may be an additional cost depending on the examining institution.

What else do you need to know?

  • The European MBA in Healthcare 95% online program is delivered with the participation of over 50 experts from various European countries you can see faculty here
  • The core MBA modules are implemented based on the content of the McGraw Hill publishing house by a team of professional English speaking lecturers and tutors. 
  • Students receive a certificate of completion of MBA postgraduate studies – management in health care, issued by SWPS University and the Collegium Prometricum Coalition partners. The MBA certificate is validated by Porto Business School. 
  • The fee for the cooperating institutions is EUR 15,500 (regular fee – 22,500) payable in installments and includes participation in webinars, an onsite session in Gdańsk, and a selected study tour. Tuition fees do not include travel and accommodation costs. 

Notice: MBA in Healthcare Club webinars are free for all Collegium Prometricum MBA students and invited guests. You can see the schedule here.

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