Sometimes people wonder why professionals in the medical field, in healthcare management, should have an MBA (Master of Business Administration). You may think that an MBA is only for business, and hospitals are not really a business. Well, that’s wrong because, in fact, it is about management in organisations. We all have the same problem – whether it is a business, a hospital or any large organisation. It’s about people, it’s about managing budgets, it’s about adopting new technologies and implementing new systems. The complexities in the healthcare sector are even greater than they are in some other business. So, the type of skills that you learn in an MBA are certainly very appropriate for current and future managers in this sector.
Professor Ramon O’Callaghan
Dean of Porto Business School
For a healthcare manager, continual improvement is one of the key tasks. For us, people managing in healthcare sector, it is very important to be able to obtain good-quality knowledge from experts and specialists who deal with these issues every day. Collegium Prometricum MBA program was for me personally very interesting, very important and above all very convenient, thanks to the 95% online formula. It allowed me to combine everyday work with personal and professional development. Thank you very much for the opportunity to gain new qualifications.
Piotr Karniej, PhD
Medical University in Wrocław
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