Tasks, responsibilities and powers of the TEMPORARY HOSPITAL MANAGER in ensuring protection of citizens’ health in a crisis situation – conclusions from the COVID 19 pandemic.

During the session there will be discussed following topics:

  1. Temporary hospitals as a permanent crisis reserve: a) technical and material facilities – resources necessary to maintain emergency preparedness – resource structure, storage and ensuring readiness, infrastructure necessary to maintain preparedness; b) human resources – paramedical workers, volunteers, principles of training, maintaining competences, quick implementation to the given tasks; c) organizational facilities – procedures and good practices, checklists, indicators for assessing the state of crisis preparedness; d) financial background, including the principles of financing the costs of crisis preparedness; e) other issues arising from the participants’ experience.
  2. Digitization and digital competences of healthcare professionals.
  3. Business process in management of medical entities.

The agenda of the meeting includes also a visit to a temporary hospital located on the premises of Gdańsk International Fair and a plenary session with the participation of guests representing healthcare institutions in Poland and other European countries.

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