Cambridge Service

Cambridge Service

Collegium Prometricum Cambridge Service includes three main components. The first is a pre-sessional study skills course offering training in speaking, listening, writing, and reading related to healthcare topics and coordinated with the MBA. The second includes the Cambridge Study Tour in September 2023. On this tour, there will be guest speakers from the healthcare industry (public and private) and visits to healthcare institutions. The third component concerns the proofreading and editing of documents in English such as academic articles, reports, and funding proposals.

Academic Writing and Presentation Skills 24th June, Gdansk

This is a short course on writing academic documents and presenting results. In the course we will conduct a close examination of texts regarding correct English (grammar, sentence construction, cohesion, and logical flow). We will go from this to practising presentation skills based on the texts analysed. The participants are invited to send their articles, texts, and any presentations to Mark Perkins, PhD ( in advance. In that way, we will have a chance to work on each person’s text which they will also be able to present.

Target group

  • Academics working in disciplines of medicine, science, and technology
  • Writers of articles, conference papers and book chapters
  • Writers of grant proposals

Key facts

  • Content
    • Writing skills
    • Speaking skills
      • Presentation language
      • Presentation practice
        • Formal – slides
        • Informal – discussion
      • Question and Answer
    • Group size: 6-7
    • Lecturer: Mark Perkins, PhD
    • Fee: 185 Euro
    • Timetable
      • 9:00-12.30
      • Working lunch
      • 13:30-15.00
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