European MBA in Healthcare Study Tour – Gdansk

Collegium Prometricum – The Business School for Healthcare organizes, under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Health of Poland, a series of study visits for managers and healthcare officials. Courtesy of Copernicus Hospital, CEO Dariusz Kostrzewa and Medical Director Rafał Cudnik, in Decemeber 2022 we had the opportunity to see how much one of the

175 students graduated from Prometriq MBA – Management in Healthcare

On Sunday, June 26, at the Artus Court in Gdańsk, 175 students graduated from “Prometriq MBA – Management in Healthcare” organized by Collegium Prometricum. The event was honored by the presence of academics and healthcare experts from all over the country, incl. Deputy Minister of Health of Republic of Poland Wacława Wojtala and Krzysztof Łanda,

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