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Collegium Prometricum – European School of Administration and Public Health – is a long-term project of Prometriq Management Academy in Sopot (established in 1998) and its partners, including healthcare organizations and universities providing education in healthcare management and public health. The Collegium Prometricum partnership is expanding constantly. 

The purpose of establishing Collegium Prometricum is to create an European platform for the exchange of experience related to the management of medical entities in the conditions of permanent crises. The direct impulse to establish the Collegium Prometricum was the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, which became a challenge not only for the government administration but above all for managers and employees of healthcare entities.  We believe that issues related to pandemic, migration, climate change and other turbulences in healthcare system require a new approach and new spectrum of managerial competences.

Our vision is to create a leading Central and Eastern European educational organization in the field of healthcare management, cooperating and benefiting from the experience and achievements of the most recognized experts and organizations of the healthcare sector worldwide. 

Our approach

We accomplish our tasks:

European MBA in Healthcare

By delivering European MBA in Healthcare ONLINE (real time) – become our institutional partner, lecturer or student and benefit from international experience, networking and know-how (next group starts on March 2023).

Exchange of experience

By promoting exchange of experience between managers and officials in European countries during European Healthcare MBA Study Tours (the project is under the honorary patronage of Polish Ministry of Health) – join the next study visit to Gdansk, Poland, June 25-26 2022.

Developing and implementing

By developing and implementing programs that cover most significant and up to date aspects of expertise and leadership in the health sector – become our partner in HORIZON.

Different basis

Significant experience of our team has been shaped in the course of cooperation with medical entities operating in healthcare systems organized on different basis.

Centrally planned
healthcare system

Semashko model

insurance system

Bismarck model

Single-payer insurance system


National healthcare system

Beveridge model

A system based on
the concept of
integrated healthcare

Pilot projects

We continuously improve our teaching programs in cooperation with universities and experts from all over Europe and world. We are proud of the highest grades given to us by the vast majority of our approximately 1,500 Executive MBA in Halthcare alumni.

Collegium Prometricum is a member of  International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies (CEEMAN) and Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA), operating under the main motto “Bridging East and West”.

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